Vital Dynamics® International maintains a register for certified members of

the Vital Dynamics®

Practitioner Guild.

The Vital Dynamics® Practitioner

A Guide & Facilitator

To listen deeply with open receptivity, to cooperate with the intelligence of life for the benefit of the client. The Vital Dynamics® Practitioner (VDP) develops a finely tuned

capacity to listen with their whole being.

They provide support through an attuned relational field between themselves and the client. VDP's facilitate with gentle supportive touch and procure their ability to be patient and still, being with the movements and expressions that emerge. Dialogue is used when necessary for comfort and support of the process.

The trained practitioner has refined their abilities for

self-regulation and coherency, holding an orientation to wholeness and health. At the same time, they acknowledge the interdependent nature of our existence, and any conditional forces occurring. They honor their client as a sentient being with multi-dimensional experience such as the transpersonal, the imaginary and symbolic, the inter-, trans-generational, cultural, emotional, spiritual, physical, and more.

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