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Vital Dynamics Process

Vital Dynamics™ is a somatic education and holistic life awareness process for supporting well-being. It is based on direct experience and understanding that we are water based life forms orchestrated and evolved by natural life intelligence.

The flow of natural life intelligence can be conceived as wave forms, a field (fields within fields) of emergent and generative ordering that coherently orchestrates bodily expression of being.

Vital Dynamics Practitioners (VDP) use gentle touch to guide and support clients' engagement of their innate fluidity and sensory capacities, supporting and increasing awareness of the polyrhythmic and varietal movements of life intelligence as it organizes, conducts and maintains living experience.

Vital Dynamics supports a greater sense of well-being through movement awareness, self awareness,

self-regulation, co-regulation, creativity, resourcing, reorganizing, and renewal which the underlying flow of life intelligently orchestrates.

Vital Dynamics acknowledges life as a flowing evolutionary, emergent, and generative process. A dynamic moving expression of indivisible wholeness. We have enfolded within our own biology the very wisdom, the intelligence that creates, nurtures, and is life.




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