About Vital Dynamics™


Vital Dynamics™ is a somatic informed, holistic life awareness and well-being process. Based on direct experience and understanding that we are water based life forms orchestrated and evolved by natural life intelligence, sometimes called biological intelligence. It can be conceived as a field (fields within fields) of emergent coherent ordering that orchestrates and is bodily expression of being. Vital Dynamics™ Practitioners (VDP) use gentle touch to guide clients' engagement of their innate fluidity and sensory capacities, supporting and increasing awareness of the polyrhythmic and varietal movements of life intelligence as it organizes, conducts and maintains living experience. These movements are

non-linear, spiral, wave, circular, pulsing, undulating, fluctuating and effulgent. Vital Dynamics supports movement awareness, self awareness, self-regulation, co-regulation, creativity, resourcing, reorganizing, and renewal which the underlying flow of life intelligently orchestrates.


Vital Dynamics™ is not a technique applied to someone. Life is an evolutionary, emergent and generative process. Vital Dynamics honors this by also being a process. One that supports embodied awareness of the vastness of life. It is a holistic awareness approach to wellbeing based on the practitioner’s soft, listening, gentle touch and awareness of movements that supports the client to experience themselves in new, non-habitual and creative ways. Vital Dynamics can often induce deep relaxation, a by-product can be the resolution of imbalances. It can be considered a form of education, that through experiential awareness, introduces new ways of sensing, feeling, moving and relating. The experiential learning process transforms our relationship and understanding of the body, movement, life experience and perception in a gentle and progressive manner.


A Vital Dynamics session can occur in different settings and lasts between one and one-and-a-half hours. The client is fully clothed in loose comfortable clothing at all times, and usually lays upon a table or mat. Gentle touch and movement awareness support an experience that releases, relaxes and dissolves mental, emotional states, body tensions, and patterning. Practitioners often enter a meditative state and with gentle conversation and calm presence support a client in finding their way to an improved sense of bodily being. Practitioners may have

felt-senses and perceptions arrive in them, and may ask orientating questions and provide touch, that can collect impressions and feelings.


The founder of Vital Dynamics®, Prue Jeffries spent life in the water as a surfer and waterperson, immersed in the ocean and natural world. From young, Prue kept alive her openness to creativity and the transpersonal. As one of the world’s best professional surfers, she created an experiential and multi-field approach inspired by personal, mainstream, and holistic influences for wellness and performance. The Vital Dynamics™ process evolved from her personal approach to supporting people informed by water, the body, and nature, with ongoing studies and teaching in well-being approaches over the last 30 years.




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